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Thursday, September 20, 2018

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28TH Week Of Pregnancy

28TH Week Of Pregnancy

28TH Week Of Pregnancy
28TH Week Of Pregnancy
1. The 28th week of pregnancy is needed for regular screening.
2. At this time the process of child enzyme system is developed.
3. At this time the problem of headaches, back pain and itching is high.
4. The size of your breasts also continues to grow.

Your weight increases by twenty-six weeks of pregnancy and it will continue till the last stage of pregnancy. Now you have to go to the doctor regularly to check. If there is a problem with your pregnancy, you will have to go to the doctor quickly and make more sonograms. This is done for the health and safe birth of the child. During pregnancy, some women test positive for RH antibody. If this is the case, then the doctor will give you anti-D in injection in the 16th week and 36th week. You can take admission in class giving informative classes. In this, you will be told about childbirth and what you have to do after going home from hospital.

1. You may have started preparing a list of accessories and baby names for the care of your child. The first pregnant women should take advantage of the second trimester. This time really is the shopping and storage of things needed for the child. When you enter the third quarter, you will be advised to stay more easily and you will feel restless like the first trimester.

2. At this time, the child's length is about 16 inches and the weight will be two to two and a half pounds. The skin of the child is wrinkled at this level. The child is covered with lenugo (soft little hair). Eyes can open in the twenty-sixth week and eyebrows and eyelids will be formed well. The child's enzyme system and endocrinological process have now evolved. Now the child will start to roam more than before and you will soon feel the urge to kick him.

3. After the formation of the organs, the limbs of the child are now developing. If the child is born at this level, then he needs more care. Now the baby's lungs are going to mature too, when you go for a medical examination, you will see the child's respiratory activity. The last two months of pregnancy are important for the body's body systems and organs. At this time the baby is getting ready for birth, its organs are developing, it will help in ensuring a healthy delivery.

4. Now the problem of nausea and vomiting will be very little. The second quarter is a good time in physical and mental form. As the pregnancy progresses, there may be more irritation in the heart than before the pregnancy pressure. The upper part of the womb is about one and a half to two inches away from the navel. Experience of constipation can occur, this is because the child is putting pressure on the lower colon.

5. There will be progress in the twenty-sixth week of pregnancy, your weight will increase. Increasing weight will make you feel more tired. At this time, the size of your breasts continues to increase. Now the weight of the pregnant woman will be increased by an average 17 to 24 pounds. The symptoms that you felt during the first trimester will be felt again in the last quarter.

6. In the last quarter you should go to a doctor once in two weeks. Those women who have more trouble, the doctor can call them every week to check. In the third trimester, a child is not in a position to get birth. There is no need to panic in such a way, now the rest of the child will turn and the head will be in the right direction. You may begin to feel headache, backache, itching and burning in the heart.

7. Once again, you may have a problem with your nitty ones. You should continue to eat balanced diet. This is a very important time of pregnancy, you need more nutrition before the baby is born. Your weight should rise by 17 to 24 pounds. If your weight is high, then the doctor will give you an indication of this beforehand. If they do not say anything then do not worry.

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Twenty Fourth Week Pregnancy

Twenty Fourth Week Pregnancy

Twenty Fourth Week Pregnancy
Twenty Fourth Week Pregnancy
1. At this time you are eager to meet the baby.
2. Now you will experience more fatigue than before.
3. Do not decrease exercise during pregnancy.
4. You should not take any medication without a medical consultation.

Now you are coming to the end of the second quarter. In a very short period of weeks, you will enter the last three months of pregnancy. You are waiting for the end of pregnancy because you are eager to meet your child. There are some big changes in both physical and mental situations. As your pregnancy progresses, your weight will increase further. Cervical will continue to grow due to the child being older.

1. As time goes on, in womb there will not be much space for the child, because the child will be full size. Increasing pregnancy and weight will start to cause convulsions and backaches in your legs. You will continue to rotate the bathroom more than before and there will be some tiredness.

2. Now you can start going before giving delivery information to classes. These classes discuss the remaining pregnancy, during childbirth and what is expected after coming to the child's house. These classes are not required but they are very informative. You can start taking part in such classes right now. You can also wait for the seventh month of pregnancy for it.

3. In this week of your pregnancy, the child will be about 11 inches long and weighing one to two pounds. If you have any concerns about the weight of the child, then it is time to ask the doctor. The child's brain and lungs will start developing soon. The taste glands of the baby's tongue are also growing well. Lungs are developing branches, so that special cells can form a surfactant, which will help to increase the lungs of the child.

4. If a child is born this week of pregnancy, then he may have trouble breathing, as the adequate development of the surfactant has not been done. Children born in the twenty-fourth week can be disabled and they may also need long-term ICU care. At this time, the weight of the baby born in the womb is increasing and the baby is developing fat. This helps the child to maintain the heat of his body.

5. Some women may experience Braxton Hicks contraction this time. This is a small contraction, which you may feel from time to time in the last quarter. But do not worry, these are not like regular contractions, and these children will not be affected. When you go for your next sonogram, you will see that the child's face is now clearly completed with the attributes. The child's hair continues to grow and the baby's eyes are still closed. Only the child's weight will continue to grow in the next three months. The child will start breathing exercises in the fourth week of pregnancy.

6. Now you will be able to feel the top of the womb two inches above the stomach. As the child grows, it will continue to grow. You may start to see some stretch marks on the stomach and breasts. You can use the moisturizer or cocoa butter on these stretch marks. If your eyes are more sensitive to light and you feel more dry than usual, you can diagnose your problem by putting any eye drop.

7. At this time, you feel physically feeling that when the child is sleeping and when it is awake. When the child is asleep, at that time it is a good idea to relax. If you do not do this then it can be time for your child to rest. You will feel pregnant or belly tightly. This will be more in the third quarter.

8. Other symptoms, which you can see in this time of pregnancy, are some of them, changes in breasts, going to the bathroom more frequently, constipation, itching, and burning in the heart. You may experience ligament pain, as the child is growing, the stretch on the ligaments increases. Some women may experience very severe ligament pain and others do not have it at all. You may start to get cold head permanently, because of this increased blood flow puts pressure on the membrane, which seems to contract. Do not take any medication without talking to your doctor.

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Thirthy Three Week Of Pregnancy

Thirthy Three Week Of Pregnancy

Thirthy Three Week Of Pregnancy
Thirthy Three Week Of Pregnancy
1. There are many physical changes in the thirty-third week of pregnancy.
2. There is a need to take care of diet and exercise especially.
3. The length of the child will be 15 to 17 inches this week.
4. It is normal to have trouble sleeping, walking and sitting at this time.

The last quarter of your pregnancy is going on. Keeping a healthy diet for you and your baby in your womb has been good, keep a habit of exercising with a balanced diet in your daily routine. Maybe your weight has increased by 25 to 30 pounds. Some women continue to grow a pound weight every week until the last week of pregnancy. But in the last weeks, the child will raise half a pound weight every week. The baby will start to gain half the weight of your growing weight after the next five weeks. The weight of the baby is growing. Continue to consume more vitamins and proteins in the diet and avoid frozen and lubricated foods.

1. At this time you do not eat too much at a time, eat it a little several times throughout the day. Fruits and vegetables will be beneficial for you. Healthy eating will also reduce the problem of burning sensation in your heart. At the same time, the habit of drinking too much water is also good. If you bleed at this time bleeding from your gums, then there is nothing to worry about, it is normal.

2. In the third week of pregnancy, the child should be 15 to 17 inches in length and weighing around 5 pounds. Increasing fat in the child is still going on and the baby will be stored under the skin. The baby's bones have become stiff than the first, but the skull is still soft from some place. All things are normal, so there is nothing to worry about. The scalp should be soft and flexible for birth.

3. The delivery pressure is very powerful, in such a way it has an effect on the child's head. This is the reason that some children's head is shaped like a cone at birth. The child's lungs are almost too mature. If a child is born at this time then he can survive in the incubator machine. Usually, many children are born this week too.

4. Now the womb is five inches above the navel. The average weight gain in this week of pregnancy is 22 to 28 pounds. For the first time pregnant women are worried about how childbirth will occur or how their water will flow. It does not happen to all women, only one in ten women has an experience of amniotic leakage. This leak occurs from an amniotic sac, which gives sufficient time to go to the hospital for delivery.

5. Pregnant women should do some exercise to strengthen their pelvic muscles for birth. These are called Kegel exercises. Talk to your doctor about the exercises you can do. Information about how to do the exercise is given in the books along with the books. The child is very upset, because now she has a place in the womb. Write about the child's activity in a diary with date and time.

6. In the thirty-third week you will have some difficulty in sleeping, walking and sitting. Your body is being pushed up by the womb, so that you do not feel comfortable and relaxed in breathing. In the next few weeks, it will be easy and you will get used to it. Try wearing loose clothes. This will make you feel relaxed and have good sleep. Putting a pillow in the middle of the knees will also bring relief from sleeping.

7. In this week you may have to go to urinate much more often than usual. Do not sleep on the back, this keeps the child in danger of having blood circulation and lack of blood flow. Also, difficulty breathing can also be difficult. If you can sleep on the left side then it will be good for you. Continue the light exercise till the last day. It is also important to take vitamin supplement as well as supplemental dosage before birth. Now you will be able to feel the child's hesitation.
             Now you know better than anyone else about your body. If you do not feel well at all, consult your doctor. If you are a working woman then keep in mind that the time has come for you to decide when to go to maternity leave. If you have any questions related to the birth of the child in your mind then feel free to ask.

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Sixth Week Of Pregnancy

Sixth Week Of Pregnancy

1. Women who are pregnant for the first time read books and increase information.
2. At this time the size of the baby's head is larger than the body.
3. Now you will feel hunger and fatigue even more than before.
4. After eating, work only after rest for at least half an hour.
Sixth Week Of Pregnancy
Sixth Week Of Pregnancy

You have completed halfway through the successful first quarter. There are some exciting events happening in the development of the fetus and you are feeling happy with it. Now your mind is excited about the new guest.
Even if you have a long way to go for a pregnancy, some of the elderly women start thinking about the baby's name. If you have been pregnant for the first time, read books related to pregnancy, etc. It will benefit you. Leave the habit of smoking and drinking. Consult your doctor if you are already having medicines. How do you take care of every level during pregnancy, this has linked the health of both you and your baby.

Baby development

Now the pace of development of the embryo will be somewhat faster than before. The embryo is small, the size of the head is larger than the rest of the body. At the end of this week, eyes, nose, and mouth will appear clearly against the first. Other limbs such as ear, hands and toes begin to form.

In the sixth week, the formation of the organs starts, this can increase the heartbeat too. This makes you all excited. In this week, the child also starts a slight stir. If you have been pregnant for the first time then it is difficult for you to feel these movements.

Changes in your body

Every mother's experience is different. Some women show signs of pregnancy and not in some. Some symptoms of pregnancy have problems in fatigue, nausea and pelvic in the morning. Some women get more sleep during this time and this causes hormones to change. Fatigue usually runs from the first week of pregnancy till the end of the first trimester.

At this time you will feel that your sense of smell has increased. It stays throughout pregnancy. You will have a desire to eat some delicious things. Your appetite may also increase, this is a good sign because the child needs nutrients. Many women increase weight during this period. So keep a simple exercise plan.

During the pregnancy, the average increase in the weight of a woman ranges from 25 to 35 pounds. If your weight grows too much then it will not be good for both you and your baby. Doctors keep a record of your weight, if you have any concerns, do not hesitate to ask them questions.

What is expected

Some women are already familiar with the pregnancy, while some may take time. It is actually an adjustment that can take some time to adopt the body. You may or may not experience trouble in the morning. Most women have trouble with this. Sometimes this problem is also serious. You are fatigued at this time, relax for it. There is a need to rest as much as possible with work during pregnancy.

Listening to body signs is most important, only you can tell about your body. Consult your doctor if you are not feeling well. This is a matter related to the health of both you and your baby, so do not hesitate.


In the sixth week of pregnancy, you are able to fulfill normal activities. Therefore, it is not necessary that you refrain from working. If you first used to work immediately after eating, change your habit and rest for at least half an hour after eating. Do not stop working after being pregnant. If you want, you can gradually reduce the habit of working.
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Fifth Week Of Pregnancy

Fifth Week Of Pregnancy

Fifth Week Of Pregnancy
Fifth Week Of Pregnancy
1. The first quarter of pregnancy is the formal introduction of the fifth week.
2. During this time, lifting more weight keeps the fear of miscarriage.
3. If you smoke, leave your habit immediately.
4. Eat nutritious snacks and vitamin supplements to remove weakness.

You have come formally in the first trimester of pregnancy, this is just the beginning of your pregnancy. You may have also had a pelvic test to detect pregnancy and you may have even estimated the probable date of delivery.
Now you need a change in the necessity, diet or lifestyle related to the health of the child. If you consume smoking or alcohol, then stop it. The diet you take affects the health of the baby. At this time you read the book related to pregnancy and increase your knowledge about it. At times you suffer from apprehensions, which is normal.

Baby development

At this stage of pregnancy the embryo will begin to develop with a little bit faster. At this time the fetus is 5 to 6 mm long. The embryo is now connected to the wall of the womb and the formation of the placenta has begun. In this week, the embryo's head, eyes and mouth will begin to build. Also the brain has begun to grow. Nal begins to develop from fifth week.

This time is very important and you need to be very careful during this time. At this time you need to take a lot of vitamins. Eat the orange and its juice for folic acid, it helps in the development of the child's brain. As the pregnancy progresses, the fetus will also develop.

Changes with your body

You will start feeling a bit more hormonal compared to earlier. Estrogen and progesterone levels are rising in the body. This is the first stage of pregnancy, many women feel heavy tired at this time, which is normal. This problem usually lasts till the end of the first trimester. Need to stay away from the consumption of caffeinated substances. To be energetic, eat nutritious snacks as well as a diet rich in vitamins. Consult the doctor for a reduction in fatigue.

You may also feel cramps. This is due to changes in hormonal levels in the body. There is no need to worry about it, talk to the doctor. At this stage of pregnancy, you may feel the tenderness or pain in the breast as well as the sensation. Each woman has different experiences during pregnancy. Share pregnancy stories with your friends and family, you will love it.

what should be done

You should be happy every moment. First trimester can be physically and mentally difficult for you. At this time you will feel physically exhausted due to hormonal changes. In such a situation, do not allow negative thoughts to dominate you. Keep checking your routine regularly. If you are thinking about a change in lifestyle then this is a favorable time. If you have never exercised before, you can start a little exercise like jogging, swimming or aerobic exercise.


There is no need to worry about health or pregnancy. Whenever you visit the doctor, take a list of your questions and consult them. So take care of yourself, if you take care of yourself then it will be good for your baby. If you are exercising with healthy diet and vitamins then you do not need to worry. This time can be worrisome for the first time pregnant women. Keep yourself stress free, it will be good for your baby.

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Fourth Week Of Pregnancy

Fourth Week Of Pregnancy

Fourth Week Of Pregnancy
Fourth Week Of Pregnancy
1. In the fourth week the size of the embryo resembles pigeon's egg.
2. Changes in hormones can cause body strain.
3. It is important for the woman to take care of the cleaning around her.
4. The fourth week for a baby born in the womb is very special.

Every pregnant woman has a dream that her baby is completely healthy. For this, good care is very important during the nine months of pregnancy. Fourth week is very important for embryonic development.

When the woman arrives in the fourth week after passing through the initial symptoms of pregnancy, then she needs more care than the initial days. On completion of the fourth week, the woman gets pregnant for about a month. This time is very important for the development of the fetus. At this time the embryo appears in oval shape. Through this article we tell you about the fourth week of pregnancy.

Fourth week signs

1. In the last days of the first month, the size of the embryo is shaped like pigeon egg. Many times it has been seen that some women do not know about their pregnancy in the first month. If you feel like you are pregnant then you should check yourself.

2. In the fourth week, fertilized egg reaches the uterus, and after about 72 hours, it takes place in Utrecht for itself. The blood cells of the uterus lining touch the egg and the egg begins to grow.

3. The fourth week of pregnancy is most important in fetal development. At this time it is very important that pregnant women take care of their best way. Also, from time to time the doctor should be examined.

4. In the fourth week, hormones of pregnant women begin to change, causing women to feel strain and stress.

5. After pregnancy, the breasts of women's breasts begin to grow. Thereby, complains of pain in the chest. This change can last for at least a month.

6. Inflammation of the pregnant woman's armpit can also occur, due to inflammation of the lymph gland. In such a situation, the woman may have trouble.

7. The child develops in different ways in every womb. The development of the embryo is linked to the age of the woman, physical structure, stature, diet, body diseases and many other reasons. The change in the development of a fetus is also harmful for the child.

8. The pregnant woman should not take any antibiotics without any medical advice on any kind of pain or problem. The effect of taking medication without consulting can be on the embryo.

Diet in the fourth week

1. According to doctors, the pregnant woman should stay away from consuming meat dishes such as hot dogs. This time The woman should also avoid eating cold dishes.

2. A pregnant woman should not eat boiled milk or raw milk and any substance made from it such as sweets, butter, cheese and yogurt etc. Their consumption can be harmful to the fetus as well as for women.

3. A pregnant woman should take special care of the cleanliness around her. Also, do not eat any fruit and vegetable etc. without washing it.

4. No raw foods or sprouts should not be eaten during pregnancy. A pregnant woman should not consume drugs such as alcohol, cigarettes and drugs etc. These are harmful for the child.

5. If possible it should take full information about medicines such as eating, drinking, living etc. Staying in touch with the doctor from time to time, pregnant women can avoid any danger before coming to the rescue.

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Third Week Of Pregnancy

Third Week Of Pregnancy

Third Week Of Pregnancy
Third Week Of Pregnancy 
1. Small bullet resembles the size of the embryo in the third week.
2. Contact the doctor on any kind of problem.
3. The consumption of vegetables or fruits should not be washed away.
4. At this time eating non-vegetarian food can be dangerous.

In the third week of pregnancy, women see more changes compared to the second week. Many times women do not recognize these changes and symptoms. However, with new experiences, the woman gets a chance to know a lot.

This is the reason that some women get late information about their pregnancy. The third week is very helpful in embryonic development. The egg is completely coming out from Overy this week. In the second week the eggs are ready to come out as eggs, but in the third week they come out completely. And through sonography, it can come to know how many eggs are made, that is how many children are going to give birth to a single child at a time.

Symptoms of third week

1. Any woman can conceive after three weeks after the last day of her last maid i.e. it is necessary to remember the date of the last maid to find out whether pregnancy has happened or not.

2. In the third week of pregnant woman, the egg leaves from Overy and goes through the fallopian tubes in Utrera, if the intercourse ovulation period is done in the next 14 days from the last day of the pregnancy, the probability of getting pregnant increases.

3. During body intercourse, millions of sperms are released from your partner's body, but only one of them frees up the same egg.

4. In the third week the fetus is a cell cluster which develops continuously in the coming days.

5. The third week is the most important stage of pregnancy. 265 days after this hiatus, a beautiful baby moves in your world.

6. In the third week the embryo is like a small tablet, but it keeps developing every day.

7. Some women know about getting pregnant in the third week. In such a way, they should not lose this time because this is the time when the fetus is constantly developing in the woman's body.

8. In the third week, if you see embryos through cineography, you will find that it is not in any human form but in small cells. However, this week the fetus is very small.

9. Embryonic stem and ovules are formed by combining the chromosomes. In the third week the embryo gets converted into egg, so it survives 9 celsons.

10. If the pregnant woman is healthy in the third week, then there are common symptoms like headache, tiredness, frequent appetite, nausea and vomiting etc.

11. Some women are those whose immune system is weak, such women are more troubled during pregnancy and they become sick again and again. Some women come under some of these fatal viruses on such occasions.

12. If you have any problem during this time, you should immediately consult the doctor, so that any major problem can be avoided.

Diet in the third week

1. Due to not eating the right diet during pregnancy, there may be many diseases, so cleanliness is necessary before eating anything.

2. Pregnant should eat well during the fetal development process because it also provides food to the child.

3. There may be many diseases by eating raw or unripe meat. Although doctors advise most pregnant women not to eat meat and fish.

4. Many viruses can be harmful to pregnant women and embryos without eating greens or vegetables without washing.

5. After pregnancy, doctors, mutton, chicken, fish and snails, etc., refuse to eat because they have many types of bacteria in the body. This can endanger both pregnant women and embryos.

6. Pregnant women are advised not to eat raw egg. Along with salad and ice cream etc., raw eggs should be ignored.

7. Sea fishes such as sharks and mackerel fish etc. should not be eaten during pregnancy

                                   Pregnant women need to keep away from not only themselves but also the infant lying in the womb. So make sure to consult a doctor before doing any kind of catering or any new work.