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Friday, September 7, 2018

10 important medical tests before becoming a mother

10 Important Medical Tests Before Becoming A Mother

10 important medical tests before becoming a mother
A healthy couple can imagine a healthy baby. As we all know, the role of the mother in giving birth to the baby is most important, so if the woman is healthy in every way, then the problems faced by pregnant women have to be reduced during pregnancy or delivery. It is therefore necessary that if you are planning to become a mother then first you should meet the doctor and take some necessary medical tests before getting pregnant. This test determines whether your body is ready to be a mother or not. During this time, doctors check the medical history of you and your partner and do some tests accordingly and make sure that everything is fine. Through this article, we will discuss some Pre-Pregnancy Medical tests and care is going to tell you about

Pre Pregnancy Medical Tests

1.Seaman Test: - Seeman test is done for men to check, in which the number of sperm in men's semen is detected. Which shows that the man has the ability to become a father or not. Due to wasteful lifestyle many times, the sperm count decreases.

2. Smear test: - Smear test involves testing the entire genitals; Vejina, Sevreix and pelvic are also under investigation. By which any kind of infection is detected.

3. Examination of urine: - Examination of urine detects high blood sugar, high protein and bacterial infection. If you have high blood sugar in the body then you should contact a diabetic doctor soon. Because you have more chances of diabetes.

4. Chronic Disease Test: - Through this test, it is known that women are not affected by diseases such as diabetes, asthma or hypertension.

5. Thyroid Test: - Get the thyroid test before pregnancy and know if you are suffering from thyroid problems. Sometimes there is a risk of abortion due to thyroid problem. The child's mental development also has an effect on thyroid.

6. Blood test: - Blood test should be done every 6 months. This will keep you informed of blood count, platelets and hemoglobin etc. and accordingly you have to keep diet chart. This gives you some kind of genetic disease; For example, skin cell anemia and cystic fibrosis can also be detected.

7. SDIS Screening Test: - If you are a victim of a sexually transmitted infection, then the SDIS screening is done to see that. Hepatitis B, Chlamydia, Syphilis and HIV will be examined in this.

8. Genital Herpes Test: - This is a common and highly infectious infection test, this infection is usually caused by herpes simplex virus-2 (HSV-2) or herpes simplex virus-1 (HSV-1), which is usually cold There is a virus responsible for the lesions. In its treatment, medicines are used so that it helps in recovering the wounds rapidly and preventing outbreaks.

9. Rubella: Rubella is an infectious disease, there is no serious problem but the fetus may suffer from it. On this, there is a slight fever and rash on the body, which spread through the face through the whole body. For this, the vaccine is given to the woman. A month after giving the vaccine is forbidden to become a mother. To avoid this, M. M. R. The vaccine is given.

10. Tecting: - After the vaccine is fitted, many types of problems can be avoided, which can occur at the time of childbirth.

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