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Thursday, September 20, 2018

28TH Week Of Pregnancy

28TH Week Of Pregnancy

28TH Week Of Pregnancy
28TH Week Of Pregnancy
1. The 28th week of pregnancy is needed for regular screening.
2. At this time the process of child enzyme system is developed.
3. At this time the problem of headaches, back pain and itching is high.
4. The size of your breasts also continues to grow.

Your weight increases by twenty-six weeks of pregnancy and it will continue till the last stage of pregnancy. Now you have to go to the doctor regularly to check. If there is a problem with your pregnancy, you will have to go to the doctor quickly and make more sonograms. This is done for the health and safe birth of the child. During pregnancy, some women test positive for RH antibody. If this is the case, then the doctor will give you anti-D in injection in the 16th week and 36th week. You can take admission in class giving informative classes. In this, you will be told about childbirth and what you have to do after going home from hospital.

1. You may have started preparing a list of accessories and baby names for the care of your child. The first pregnant women should take advantage of the second trimester. This time really is the shopping and storage of things needed for the child. When you enter the third quarter, you will be advised to stay more easily and you will feel restless like the first trimester.

2. At this time, the child's length is about 16 inches and the weight will be two to two and a half pounds. The skin of the child is wrinkled at this level. The child is covered with lenugo (soft little hair). Eyes can open in the twenty-sixth week and eyebrows and eyelids will be formed well. The child's enzyme system and endocrinological process have now evolved. Now the child will start to roam more than before and you will soon feel the urge to kick him.

3. After the formation of the organs, the limbs of the child are now developing. If the child is born at this level, then he needs more care. Now the baby's lungs are going to mature too, when you go for a medical examination, you will see the child's respiratory activity. The last two months of pregnancy are important for the body's body systems and organs. At this time the baby is getting ready for birth, its organs are developing, it will help in ensuring a healthy delivery.

4. Now the problem of nausea and vomiting will be very little. The second quarter is a good time in physical and mental form. As the pregnancy progresses, there may be more irritation in the heart than before the pregnancy pressure. The upper part of the womb is about one and a half to two inches away from the navel. Experience of constipation can occur, this is because the child is putting pressure on the lower colon.

5. There will be progress in the twenty-sixth week of pregnancy, your weight will increase. Increasing weight will make you feel more tired. At this time, the size of your breasts continues to increase. Now the weight of the pregnant woman will be increased by an average 17 to 24 pounds. The symptoms that you felt during the first trimester will be felt again in the last quarter.

6. In the last quarter you should go to a doctor once in two weeks. Those women who have more trouble, the doctor can call them every week to check. In the third trimester, a child is not in a position to get birth. There is no need to panic in such a way, now the rest of the child will turn and the head will be in the right direction. You may begin to feel headache, backache, itching and burning in the heart.

7. Once again, you may have a problem with your nitty ones. You should continue to eat balanced diet. This is a very important time of pregnancy, you need more nutrition before the baby is born. Your weight should rise by 17 to 24 pounds. If your weight is high, then the doctor will give you an indication of this beforehand. If they do not say anything then do not worry.

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