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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Fourth Week Of Pregnancy

Fourth Week Of Pregnancy

Fourth Week Of Pregnancy
Fourth Week Of Pregnancy
1. In the fourth week the size of the embryo resembles pigeon's egg.
2. Changes in hormones can cause body strain.
3. It is important for the woman to take care of the cleaning around her.
4. The fourth week for a baby born in the womb is very special.

Every pregnant woman has a dream that her baby is completely healthy. For this, good care is very important during the nine months of pregnancy. Fourth week is very important for embryonic development.

When the woman arrives in the fourth week after passing through the initial symptoms of pregnancy, then she needs more care than the initial days. On completion of the fourth week, the woman gets pregnant for about a month. This time is very important for the development of the fetus. At this time the embryo appears in oval shape. Through this article we tell you about the fourth week of pregnancy.

Fourth week signs

1. In the last days of the first month, the size of the embryo is shaped like pigeon egg. Many times it has been seen that some women do not know about their pregnancy in the first month. If you feel like you are pregnant then you should check yourself.

2. In the fourth week, fertilized egg reaches the uterus, and after about 72 hours, it takes place in Utrecht for itself. The blood cells of the uterus lining touch the egg and the egg begins to grow.

3. The fourth week of pregnancy is most important in fetal development. At this time it is very important that pregnant women take care of their best way. Also, from time to time the doctor should be examined.

4. In the fourth week, hormones of pregnant women begin to change, causing women to feel strain and stress.

5. After pregnancy, the breasts of women's breasts begin to grow. Thereby, complains of pain in the chest. This change can last for at least a month.

6. Inflammation of the pregnant woman's armpit can also occur, due to inflammation of the lymph gland. In such a situation, the woman may have trouble.

7. The child develops in different ways in every womb. The development of the embryo is linked to the age of the woman, physical structure, stature, diet, body diseases and many other reasons. The change in the development of a fetus is also harmful for the child.

8. The pregnant woman should not take any antibiotics without any medical advice on any kind of pain or problem. The effect of taking medication without consulting can be on the embryo.

Diet in the fourth week

1. According to doctors, the pregnant woman should stay away from consuming meat dishes such as hot dogs. This time The woman should also avoid eating cold dishes.

2. A pregnant woman should not eat boiled milk or raw milk and any substance made from it such as sweets, butter, cheese and yogurt etc. Their consumption can be harmful to the fetus as well as for women.

3. A pregnant woman should take special care of the cleanliness around her. Also, do not eat any fruit and vegetable etc. without washing it.

4. No raw foods or sprouts should not be eaten during pregnancy. A pregnant woman should not consume drugs such as alcohol, cigarettes and drugs etc. These are harmful for the child.

5. If possible it should take full information about medicines such as eating, drinking, living etc. Staying in touch with the doctor from time to time, pregnant women can avoid any danger before coming to the rescue.

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