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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Second Week Of Pregnancy

Second Week Of Pregnancy

Second Week Of Pregnancy
1. In the second week you may have cramped stomach or legs.
2. If you consume smoking or alcohol, leave it.
3. Nonvenage consumption can also happen in this week, it is harmful.
4. It should also be avoided to eat more old food kept in the freeze.

After pregnancy some different responses begin in the body of the woman, its results begin to appear in the external form in the body. Signs of early week are also present in the second week. In this case, the woman is suspected to be suffering due to fatigue, fever, head swelling and headache and headache. Due to the second week of pregnancy, female hormones change rapidly. During this time, the time of arrival of eggs from Overy starts and many changes start in the second week.

Second week signs

1. Embryonic life begins in the second week of pregnancy.

2. In the early stages of pregnancy, it is time to get the eggs made in oven in the second week.

3. In the second week, spasms also occur in the stomach or in the legs several times.

4. If a pregnant woman has the possibility of being a twin baby, then two eggs in Overy will be formed and the two can come out at this time together. In some circumstances, these eggs also become three or four.

5. There are no special signs related to pregnancy in women in the early weeks, but starting weeks are most important. During this time any kind of carelessness is likely to cause abortion.

6. If you want to know whether you are pregnant or not, then you can get the doctor checked for confirmation or buy a home pregnancy kit from a drug store. By checking with this kit, you will know whether you are pregnant or not.

7. Apart from this, if the pregnancy of the pregnant woman starts increasing and the pressure on the pelvic muscle increases, then the probability of pregnancy becomes firm.

8. Feeling tired at all times due to continuous changes in the body is also a sign of pregnancy.

9. It's time to get advice from a good doctor. Also, you need to pay attention to your lifestyle too.

Diet in the second week

1. Take a good diet and leave smoking and alcohol intake completely.

2. Instead of eating normal, you should take 300 calories daily in the diet. In which you can take the product of fruits, vegetables and low fat milk.

3. Pregnant women should avoid drinking cold or raw milk after pregnancy.

4. The diet you eat during pregnancy affects the embryo. So do not take such food which can be harmful to the fetus.

5. After pregnancy, meat and fish should be avoided. If you want to eat non-veg, then first consult your doctor for this.

6. Avoid eating too much old food kept in freeze.

7. Nothing can be reversed on the infant lying in the womb by eating raw, buns or cold things.

8. Start exercising with the doctor's advice. Have good sleep

               With a little caution and care not only can safely reduce the complexity of pregnancy but also give birth to a healthy baby.

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