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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Thirthy Three Week Of Pregnancy

Thirthy Three Week Of Pregnancy

Thirthy Three Week Of Pregnancy
Thirthy Three Week Of Pregnancy
1. There are many physical changes in the thirty-third week of pregnancy.
2. There is a need to take care of diet and exercise especially.
3. The length of the child will be 15 to 17 inches this week.
4. It is normal to have trouble sleeping, walking and sitting at this time.

The last quarter of your pregnancy is going on. Keeping a healthy diet for you and your baby in your womb has been good, keep a habit of exercising with a balanced diet in your daily routine. Maybe your weight has increased by 25 to 30 pounds. Some women continue to grow a pound weight every week until the last week of pregnancy. But in the last weeks, the child will raise half a pound weight every week. The baby will start to gain half the weight of your growing weight after the next five weeks. The weight of the baby is growing. Continue to consume more vitamins and proteins in the diet and avoid frozen and lubricated foods.

1. At this time you do not eat too much at a time, eat it a little several times throughout the day. Fruits and vegetables will be beneficial for you. Healthy eating will also reduce the problem of burning sensation in your heart. At the same time, the habit of drinking too much water is also good. If you bleed at this time bleeding from your gums, then there is nothing to worry about, it is normal.

2. In the third week of pregnancy, the child should be 15 to 17 inches in length and weighing around 5 pounds. Increasing fat in the child is still going on and the baby will be stored under the skin. The baby's bones have become stiff than the first, but the skull is still soft from some place. All things are normal, so there is nothing to worry about. The scalp should be soft and flexible for birth.

3. The delivery pressure is very powerful, in such a way it has an effect on the child's head. This is the reason that some children's head is shaped like a cone at birth. The child's lungs are almost too mature. If a child is born at this time then he can survive in the incubator machine. Usually, many children are born this week too.

4. Now the womb is five inches above the navel. The average weight gain in this week of pregnancy is 22 to 28 pounds. For the first time pregnant women are worried about how childbirth will occur or how their water will flow. It does not happen to all women, only one in ten women has an experience of amniotic leakage. This leak occurs from an amniotic sac, which gives sufficient time to go to the hospital for delivery.

5. Pregnant women should do some exercise to strengthen their pelvic muscles for birth. These are called Kegel exercises. Talk to your doctor about the exercises you can do. Information about how to do the exercise is given in the books along with the books. The child is very upset, because now she has a place in the womb. Write about the child's activity in a diary with date and time.

6. In the thirty-third week you will have some difficulty in sleeping, walking and sitting. Your body is being pushed up by the womb, so that you do not feel comfortable and relaxed in breathing. In the next few weeks, it will be easy and you will get used to it. Try wearing loose clothes. This will make you feel relaxed and have good sleep. Putting a pillow in the middle of the knees will also bring relief from sleeping.

7. In this week you may have to go to urinate much more often than usual. Do not sleep on the back, this keeps the child in danger of having blood circulation and lack of blood flow. Also, difficulty breathing can also be difficult. If you can sleep on the left side then it will be good for you. Continue the light exercise till the last day. It is also important to take vitamin supplement as well as supplemental dosage before birth. Now you will be able to feel the child's hesitation.
             Now you know better than anyone else about your body. If you do not feel well at all, consult your doctor. If you are a working woman then keep in mind that the time has come for you to decide when to go to maternity leave. If you have any questions related to the birth of the child in your mind then feel free to ask.

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