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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Twenty Fourth Week Pregnancy

Twenty Fourth Week Pregnancy

Twenty Fourth Week Pregnancy
Twenty Fourth Week Pregnancy
1. At this time you are eager to meet the baby.
2. Now you will experience more fatigue than before.
3. Do not decrease exercise during pregnancy.
4. You should not take any medication without a medical consultation.

Now you are coming to the end of the second quarter. In a very short period of weeks, you will enter the last three months of pregnancy. You are waiting for the end of pregnancy because you are eager to meet your child. There are some big changes in both physical and mental situations. As your pregnancy progresses, your weight will increase further. Cervical will continue to grow due to the child being older.

1. As time goes on, in womb there will not be much space for the child, because the child will be full size. Increasing pregnancy and weight will start to cause convulsions and backaches in your legs. You will continue to rotate the bathroom more than before and there will be some tiredness.

2. Now you can start going before giving delivery information to classes. These classes discuss the remaining pregnancy, during childbirth and what is expected after coming to the child's house. These classes are not required but they are very informative. You can start taking part in such classes right now. You can also wait for the seventh month of pregnancy for it.

3. In this week of your pregnancy, the child will be about 11 inches long and weighing one to two pounds. If you have any concerns about the weight of the child, then it is time to ask the doctor. The child's brain and lungs will start developing soon. The taste glands of the baby's tongue are also growing well. Lungs are developing branches, so that special cells can form a surfactant, which will help to increase the lungs of the child.

4. If a child is born this week of pregnancy, then he may have trouble breathing, as the adequate development of the surfactant has not been done. Children born in the twenty-fourth week can be disabled and they may also need long-term ICU care. At this time, the weight of the baby born in the womb is increasing and the baby is developing fat. This helps the child to maintain the heat of his body.

5. Some women may experience Braxton Hicks contraction this time. This is a small contraction, which you may feel from time to time in the last quarter. But do not worry, these are not like regular contractions, and these children will not be affected. When you go for your next sonogram, you will see that the child's face is now clearly completed with the attributes. The child's hair continues to grow and the baby's eyes are still closed. Only the child's weight will continue to grow in the next three months. The child will start breathing exercises in the fourth week of pregnancy.

6. Now you will be able to feel the top of the womb two inches above the stomach. As the child grows, it will continue to grow. You may start to see some stretch marks on the stomach and breasts. You can use the moisturizer or cocoa butter on these stretch marks. If your eyes are more sensitive to light and you feel more dry than usual, you can diagnose your problem by putting any eye drop.

7. At this time, you feel physically feeling that when the child is sleeping and when it is awake. When the child is asleep, at that time it is a good idea to relax. If you do not do this then it can be time for your child to rest. You will feel pregnant or belly tightly. This will be more in the third quarter.

8. Other symptoms, which you can see in this time of pregnancy, are some of them, changes in breasts, going to the bathroom more frequently, constipation, itching, and burning in the heart. You may experience ligament pain, as the child is growing, the stretch on the ligaments increases. Some women may experience very severe ligament pain and others do not have it at all. You may start to get cold head permanently, because of this increased blood flow puts pressure on the membrane, which seems to contract. Do not take any medication without talking to your doctor.

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